Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eldritch Horror : 4th attempted on Yig, the serpent Ancient One

YIG!! It is a new Ancient One (AO) from Forsaken Lore expansion. He is hard to beat! Been fighting him for 3 round and received utter failure on solving his mystery. First attempt was last 2 weeks with 6 of us and we died on the Serpent Crown mystery (who appeared as our second mystery). Then both me and gf tried to revenge by controlling two character each and again, we failed to solve third mystery (we ignore most of the gate and rush for last mystery in result Yig awaken and killed us). Lastly on same day we tried again and failed again. The doom track just move too fast!


Since then, I couldn't sleep well. My mind keep thinking a way to beat Yig. There must be some secret. The amount of players? The correct investigators? Improved stat and get better weapon first? Close gate first? Or rush all the way to solve mystery first? Finally few days later I decided to man up and take the challenge myself. I myself controlling 8 investigator (chosen by myself) which I think is the ingredient to counter Yig.


The investigators are none other than Lola, Charlie, Akachi, Jacqueline, Norman, Lily, Diana and Mark. Here is my strategy :- Two high influence investigators stay at Tokyo, two fighters, three gate closer cum spell caster and one Cultist counter. Yup you can guess it who is whose role. I proudly said that I managed to complete the Yig mystery with still 6 cards left in the mysthos deck and also doom track was on seven. Not sure it is luck that I did not encounter the Serpent Crown mystery. But I have confident I can solve it too even it appear (unless it appear as first mystery.. This can GG).



Check out my investigators end game stat and cards. Note that the health token and sanity on the character sheet indicated damage taken instead of what left.


Mark Harrigan, The Soldier is my main fighter who roamed around the map and whack whoever he encounter. My first mystery are required to kill Winged Serpent and I managed to bring him and Lily to Tokyo (with some weapon ready) to whack it. I discard the Kerosene belong to Mark to do the final blow on Winged Serpent. He got the Lighting Gun from Charlie (Charlie got it from Tokyo encounter and pass it to Mark) for the final mystery, Child of Yig. Overall, nothing much strategy needed for Mark. Give him a good weapon, protect his sanity, he'll do the killing job.


Charlie Kane, The Politician. He is fragile, can't fight and almost boring investigators. But he is essential for me because his passive ability to purchase any asset and pass it to others freely. Plus, he has high influence where he is suitable to stay in Tokyo to assist in damaging monsters. Combo with Blessed, Fine Clothes and Urban Guide, Charlie are almost unstoppable. I got him a Spirit Dagger just in case a monster ambushed him.


Akachi Onyele, The Shaman. Another fragile investigators that easily die due to low health and backfired effect from Mist of Releh. But I love her. She is purely a gate closer in my team. I wish I could use her to get more spell cards but looking at my other investigators doing well, I just made her purely close gate and fly around. On mid game, I managed to increase her lore and gained Arcane Scholar for her to increase her success roll for Mist of Releh.


Diana Stanley, Redeemed Cultist. She has one and only job. Stay at active expedition area and discard whatever cultist monster spawn due to Yig reckoning effect then just survive. That being said all her encounter are basically general encounter - wilderness. Before move her to active expedition, I managed to gained her some ritual and incantation spell to used since she has pretty high lore plus her Arcane Manuscript modifier. A must character to counter Yig Cultist monster spawn!


Jacqueline Pine, The Physics. Reason I choose her are three : Spellcaster, gate closer and clue takers. She has pretty high lore and a good team support through incantation spell she gain. Not to mentioned her passive skill that able to gain clue token once per round once any of other investigator except herself gain a non-common condition. But her moment was truly shine once she gain a blessed and Blessing of Isis card.


Yes I used Jacqueline action to blessed herself almost every turn and with that, I managed to flip her existing blessed card and perform the condition. Retreat Doom by 1 babe! This is how I almost managed make the Doom counter stop advancing.


Lola Hayes, The Actress. She is versatile. But in this game, I made her Charlie bitch. Opss. Her stating item was included one improvement token and I just put it under influence. Throughout the game, I used her to gain some asset and also stay at Tokyo together with Charlie, to support him. Guess Tokyo really a good spot for both of them huh? :P


Norman Withers, The Astronomers. One of the best character in my game play. He stay in Arkham for few round to gain quite number of spell cards. His starting spell, Feed the Mind helped in increasing his lore twice and later also strength (just in case he need to fight). Look at his spell card! He is one of the best support I had beside Jacqueline and I used him, he alone to complete the second mystery, the K'n-yan special card encounter in 4 rounds.



Not to mentioned he had Blessed and Blessing of Isis as well. I used him to blessed himself none stop to gain more clues. He can get almost three clues each time (2 from the blessed and 1 from blessing of Isis). It would be cool if this blessed card was with Jacqueline.


Lily Chen, the Martial Artist. Another pure brawler from my team. Give her a good weapon (in my case Double- Barreled Shotgun) she can easy make all monster pay even Epic Monster (thats it if you have alot success roll). I also get her an Axe asset. Weapon modifier couldn't stack, but the effect can be used! So even she miss in strength test, she can easily spend two of her sanity to reroll any number of dies.

Overall, I think the ingredients needed to win Yig is need 8 players. Anyhow, a Diana is needed to stay at active expedition to discard cultist, Akachi for gate closer, Charlie as buyer and two fighters. The rest such as Jacqueline, Norman and Lola are more on supporting which I think is important especially in preventing sanity and health lost. Most important task is to prevent the doom track from advancing!

This is my first time won against Yig after 4 attempt. Would love to encounter it again next time with new mystery. Serpent Crown mystery? Bring it on!


Balvine said...

Nice read. One rules error though. I believe you can't cast blessing of Isis on an investigator that already has Blessed, so you can't use that spell to continuosly flip the blessed condition.