Sunday, July 06, 2014

Shoot with something different

It has been almost a month since d last time I joined street shooting with Robin. Today I decided to tag him along at Oudu Wet Market and nop, I am not using my Olympus gear. I am using something different. Something I am just being curious and wanted to test it out and I believe the wonder of street shooting is you get to test alot stuff. Plus, you get free subjects everywhere.

* Breakfast of the day for Robin *

Hence, photo speak thousand words. All photos are SOOC and without any editing beside watermarked and resize.

* Wall with light *
* Basket *
* Red Chili *
* with yellow background *
* They don't like to smile.. *
* Cherry *
* Flowers. Look at the BOKEH! *
* Macro shot at minimum focusing distant *
* Chicken *
* Another side *
* Overexposed background *
* Pushing *
* Dusty shoe *
* feeling hot? *
* Look pretty creepy *
* Doggieee *

From the shooting, I can give a very quick impression and also conclusion about the camera ability. I have no doubt that the camera has very fast auto focus. But it failed miserably on low light where the auto focus become slow (and look delayed to me). Purple fringing are obvious where the camera software seem never bother to correct it. Unfortunately the LCD screen from the camera itself look more vivid than my own monitor. Not a big deal since easily fix with software editing if I want to. On the other hand, the red color on the chilli photo seem over saturated and look luminance. The macro is pretty impressive but only it will focus correctly if I use manual focus (the white color flower photo). Somehow the camera will have higher chance to back focus when I am shooting close up/macro with auto focus on.

Other than that, I am actually very satisfy with the camera performance. It provide very rich dynamic range (of coz not comparable with mirrorless or DSLR camera), very fast AF and great color reproduction. Done with our shooting, we went to The Gardens mall to have our lunch, Hotogdogu! Knew this shop from instagram and I am curious of it because it seem it has alot good review. Of course, photos taken by this camera as well.

* The menu *

This were what we ordered.

* Simple packaging *
* Beef BBQ Crunch *
* Onion Ring from set *
* The Hotodogu *
* Salmon Teriyaki *

Went to my grandma house as well and have a chance to shoot kitty. Too bad the kitty was very active and keep move around. I have no choice but to pump the camera ISO.

* High ISO with failed focusing *
* Paint me like one of your French girl *
* The mother of the kitten *

Unfortunately the auto focus failed to keep track with the highly moving speed kitty. 9/10 of my photos are not in focus! Feeling frustrated I went to use manual focus again and try set it the minimum focusing (macro) and shoot! Tadaa ok I got one shot. Once I nailed it, it really produce pretty sharp photo.

* Now it looks scary *

Alright that's all my very first and quick impression on the camera. Eh wait, I haven't reveal what camera is that isn't? I think it is pretty obvious :P Answer are everywhere. Else, stay tune to my coming post! By d way what do you think about the camera performance? Look convincing to you? Comment and let me know what do you think :)