Sunday, July 13, 2014


Dear blog, I miss writing you like the way last time. I used to write alot shit inside be it happy, rant or sad post. But as time pass by I think I am going towards more on event base and now I am trying to go for photography and gadget review based LOL.. Not to mentioned the quantity of blog post for this year is getting lesser and lesser.. sad life! Now I am trying to write as much as I can, be myself and honest post. I am wondering too that will there still people read my blog? LOL.. not that I have a fans base to begin with anyway

I have been spending my several weekends on board games with friends. I am huge fans of board game and the only problem is no one play with me. Not after the kaki for board games started to expand. I have Eldritch Horror, DiXit and Anima at the moment. So whoever wanna have a games with me, feel free to let me know ;) Talk about Eldritch Horror, it is one of my favourite game at the moment because it can be play with alot people (8 players) and is a co-op game. Click here for more info about the game.

* Measuring *
* The compartment *
* Ta daa! The Eclipse inside contains all the tokens *

Last weekend hand very itchy so I tried to DIY a space to puts all the cards in the original box (previously I separated the cards and board into difference boxes). Doing all this thing remind my suffered that I faced during my uni time because it is not easy to cut the board (Shit I forgot what it call!) because it is thick. I am using white glue to glue the board and make it as compartment.

* Forsaken Lore *
* Have to edit the compartment in my box *

Few days later, I went to bought Eldritch Horror first and only expansion, Forsaken Lore. I didn't know it came with so many new encounter cards and FML.. My newly made DIY box can't fit in all the cards. So I have to remodelled it abit and tadaaa.. Done! In exchange every tokens will be put into separated box but with larger space!

* Little Fat Duck truck *

Last Friday few of us decided to challenge the new Ancient One from the Forsaken Lore expansion, Yig. Before heading to the meeting point at Flat White cafe for the session, I went to dinner with deary at SS15. We spotted the "Little Fat Duck" truck nearby. I seen alot my friends insta this truck before and feeling curious, we decided to drop by for dinner. Was expecting they sell all foods related to ducks but ended up it is spaghetti and chicken... No duck at all D:

* Carbonara Spaghetti *

Ordered the Carbonara spaghetti for myself which topped with beef. The portion is small but then, it is RM5 what do I expecting? The cream not exactly very thick but still bearable for me. Beef doesn't taste as awesome as I wish. Overall, just average. But heard Chicken Confit is their best seller. Perhaps I shall try that next time. Done our dinner, we went to Flat White to meet up with other investigators for Eldritch Horror session.

* Investigators of the night *
* Alex reading on his encounter *
* My investigator *

On that night, we have me, deary, Simon, Justin, Alex & Zhao to play the games. Manage to get Leo Anderson as my investigator character and fuh, love him so much because practically I just collecting ally to help my encounters.

* Unique mystery *

Unfortunately towards the quarter of the game, my Anderson was killed by rumors card that deduct health and also poison condition card. Not to mentioned we failed to solve the second mystery and in result Yig awaken to the world. Our game stopped there because Flat White was closing. Damn it so close in completing the second mystery! We have all the requirement ready just need to meet up at one point and pass it to Simon to solve it. I will come back and challenge you again Yig!

* Zombicide *

Yesterday we had another board game session again in Ryan house. We are playing Zombicide this time. One of my favourite game too with a very straight forward game play. But sometimes life can be a dick too when you failed to roll success dices and got killed. Nevertheless, I love and enjoy this game. It would be better if the figurine was colored instead of having mono tone only. Custom paint it maybe?

* Bang! *

We play DiXit as well with house rules. Set any condition as we want and everyone gotta follow it for the whole round. One of the most ridiculous condition set by Samantha was "tell story with three different languages". This is the part where everyone struggle and make up alot funny story out. Couldn't stop laughing during the game. Finally, we play Bang! A game might be put stress to the sheriff because s/he has to guess who are his/her deputy and who are the outlaw.

* Anima box *

Oh yea, I talk about Anima earlier. I just bought it recently and haven't have change to play it. It is two to five player game based where you as the main guys need to collect members into party and also solve quest.

* Character cards *

One of the reason I got it is because of the artwork. It is awesome and look very anime-ish. There are two more expansion available for the Anima and know I might grab it :P

Yup! That's basically how I spend my weekend recently with friends. I always believe playing board game can increase the bond with everyone. Also can make people get addicted to it :P (pointing to those guys who collecting X-Wing now HAHA). I am interested with Betrayal at House on the Hill now. Seem fun and awesome.

* Just in case you guys miss me *