Friday, August 22, 2014

Samsung NX Mini - Stylish Because I can


What if I tell you, camera can be also a part of fashion accessories? No doubt on that because some camera nowadays are colorful and refreshing. Samsung NX Mini are one of them. Besides small and compact, Samsung NX Mini also came with various of colours -black, brown, pink, mint and white leatherette design for individual preference.

The leatherette design added bonus point in terms of style and also premium look.



While it is not real leather, but it still look good generally! I love white color too since it easily match with everything. Is either it blend with me, or create a contrast when I am wearing dark color clothes. Personally, Samsung NX Mini is suitable on any situation be it casual or for something formal. It just look stylish and able to blend well to everywhere.


Unfortunately I am not a lady. Hence my usual bag is much manlier looking. This are gears I usually bring along when I went for street shooting. A small camera bag, 2 lenses, and 2 camera body. Of course with the size of Samsung NX Mini, it wouldn't hurt to add extra camera body in my bag or I could easily fit it in my pocket.


The Samsung NX Mini will be priced at RRP RM1,399 with 9mm f3.5 lens. So what are you waiting for? Just grab one and be stylish! Not because only I can, you also can!