Saturday, September 06, 2014

DialogHub - One Stop Mobile Solution store at Subang Jaya, SS15


Looking for latest mobile gadget and accessories, but not sure where is reliable and trustworthy? Fear not! DialogHub is here! After the successful operation of its web-based store, DialogHub officially open the doors to its maiden physical store in Subang Jaya. This one-stop flagship store will offer customers the latest tech gadgets and accessories ranging from smartphones to cameras, all with the promise of being the best bargain in town.


* Temper glass for smartphone!* 
* Xiaomi Powerbank in various colors *

I am lucky to be invited to the media launch and hands on few awesome latest gadget that just launch not long! You know being smartphone lover all this stuffs gonna excite me so much.



Beside gadget and accessories, DialogHub also officially authorised distributer for Liquipel™ in Malaysia! What is Liquipel? It is a state-of-the-art liquid repellent protective coating for smartphones. Do note that it works as splash and water resistant. Don't ever dive your phone in water with it.




The spokesperson for DialogHub is kind enough to demo the effectiveness of Liquipel to us. The coating not only cover the exterior of your gadget, it covered interior as well especially the phone mother board.


Another experiment previewed for us was the tissue paper. Note the difference? One was coated with Liquipel and another one wasn't.


We also presented by the Mi TV 2. Yes the very cheap smart TV with 4K resolution! It was hanging right at the shop and it was so awesome! Too bad there was no 4K content to viewed for us on that night but no doubt, 4K res for video is the future proof for now.




* Swapable back cover for OnePlus One *

Last but not least we are being showcase the latest Xiaomi Mi4 (16GB,3G ver) and also OnePlus One (64GB, Black Sandstorm). Yes both o this devices was offered in DialogHub!

* Xiaomi Mi 4 and OnePlus One. Which is your pick? *

For the first time I hands on the real OnePlus One. OMG so tempting to sell my phone away and get this instead. One of the main selling point was the OS itself baked by CynogenMod, one of the popular ROM in Android Society. But then again with today announcement of new Motorola X, I might change my mind. Hopefully the new Moto X is available in Malaysia by end of this year! :D DialogHub bring in pls!

A spokesperson for DialogHub stated, “We are currently selling some of the latest tech gadgets and services such as Mi TV, LG G Watch, Liquipel™ and many more at an attractive price point. We are also planning to bring in other exciting devices such as the Moto 360 Smart Watch and Google Glass in the near future.

The DialogHub located at Subang Jaya SS15, directly opposite Burger Factory. For more information on DialogHub and Liquipel™, please visit