Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pudu Wet Market with new camera

* Kid smile never fail to shine brightest *

So, I am back to Pudu street again. Started to feel I am becoming more and more selective when shooting people on the street. Nevertheless, it will be one of my special day because I am using new camera other than my Olympus OM-D E-M1. A camera that not necessaries I want but wouldn't hurt to have it too as extra camera.

* Claw *
* Boss, kasi satu... *
* Something in front *
* Let it go *
* Friendly portrait *

Pudu market probably is one of the market I wouldn't tired get with. Everytime I step my feet into the market, I'll exposed to difference things around. People there are friendly and wouldn't get mad at you even you're pointing your camera on them.

* Unskin *
* Burn *
* Green *
* Yellow *

I don't have eagle eye to see whether it is same or worst than my E-M1 but personally, I think the camera is doing great. Probably I'll put it as awesome as my E-M1 in terms of image quality, performances and the AF speed.

* Red *
* Resting up *
* On the row *
* ISO 800 *

From the color, sharpness and characteristic of the images, I bet one can easily guess the new camera I am using is from Olympus. Scroll down for exact answer will ya? ;)

* Olympus E-PL 7 with VF4 *

Yes it is the brand new Olympus E-PL7! Courtesy to Robin for bringing it out for me to test on that day. All image above are taken with my trustworthy Olympus 45mm f1.8 as well.

Holding E-PL7 really do bring back all nostalgic feeling when I am still using my E-P3, who currently in dry box for almost a year. However the moment I lifted it up and used it, I almost scare myself to death. The control of buttons are different than my E-M1 (obviously, DUH!). For the first few time I accidentally switches Mode Dial instead of Shutter Dial. I am disappointed too that it doesn't come with dual dial like E-P5 or maybe like my E-P3 (they can easily make the rear wheel dial). Other than that, using EPL-7 was very pleasant especially with VF4. Almost feel like my E-M1 except, I felt VF4 resolution kinda pixelated. The grip is as awesome as other PEN series.

* Front design *
* From top *
* Rear design *
* I flip down you flip up ok? *

I even asked Carmen to bring along her E-PL5 to compare it physically. Overall, I felt E-PL7 improved alot from E-PL5. E-PL7 has better and bigger LCD screen, shutter dial on top, all buttons on right side and arguable better flip screen mechanism. Personally, I like how the flip screen work. It was flip to bottom instead of top. I have used both E-PL5 and Sony NEX-5T before and I know how frustrated it is to selfie with the screen flip up and unable to attach flash (be it clipable or the external). But with E-PL7 I can do so! Question is, will it be heavy if mount external flash? :P

* The flip screen mechanism *

Then someone will started to argue that they can't put E-PL7 on table to selfie or mount on tripod with screen flip. Well I agree. But hey, Olympus E-PL7 came with built in Wi-Fi. I can't see why not using Olympus OI Share? I been doing it alot time using my E-M1. The app so far is great and stable and it is easy to learn.



I took the opportunity to tried the new Art filter - Vintage and Partial Color in Olympus E-PL7 too. I fell in love with it completely. Probably gonna be my next favourite filters after Dramatic Tone. If you're looking something easy, less hassle and trustable filter, Olympus definitely won't disappoint you.



With the spec similar (well in fact it is same except physical design and handling) to existing Olympus E-M10, I know it is not easy to convince people to get E-PL7. Here is how I gonna see it. E-PL7 mostly target for selfie concious social user, for people who love PEN design (especially me. I don't hate OM-D, but I do love PEN more. Explained why I still keep my E-P3 till now), and also for people who want something compact enough to bring around (with the small 14-42mm kit lens). While OM-D series are more for people want to have a serious looking camera, a bigger grip and also built in EVF.

* OM-D E-M10 and E-PL 7. Which is your pick? *

As conclusion, E-PL7 has a lot of improvement compare with it's predecessor (better LCD screen, Wi-Fi built in, shutter dial on top, E-M5 sensor with E-M1 image processing), but in the same time, being challenged widely by all competitors. As I always tell my friends, if you're looking for a camera for yourself, go test it out. Hold it, feel it. There are no right or wrong. Most important is you enjoy the piece of tools you're holding. Afterall, one of the element in photography is have fun.

* Carmen in attempt to selfie with stranger *

But of course if you would come and ask me directly, Olympus will be my always first choice :P