Saturday, December 20, 2014

Olympus E-PL 7 - Instant SHARE your photos now!

* One of the photo I have yet post in everywhere but here. One of the model shooting session and I am using Olympus E-PL 7 plus 12-40mm f2.8 to shoot *

Since my E-M1 been to service center, I been using E-PL 7 all the times and did alot stress test on it. From shooting model (post coming soon!), foods and finally to concert as well.

But what if you feel like share your photo instantly to your social media after the shooting? Can't wait your friend saliva drop on your awesome char kuey teow photo in instagram? Well Olympus E-PL 7 can do that for you thanks to the built in Wi-Fi in the camera.

Connecting the WiFi required you to have both things, a smartphone (iOS or Android) and Olympus Image Share (O.I Share). The app is available in both Play Store and also Apple Store. I gotta say it is a very convenient and neat features offered by Olympus E-PL 7. While WiFi in camera nowdays no longer a stranger, but the OI Share app has one of the features I like - Adding watermarks. Super awesome!

Check out my Youtube video for tutorial on using the Olympus Image Share app.

The only downside with the app probably the connectivity sometime are not stable. This happened when my smartphone are connecting with other source of WiFi, I have to disconnect it first before connecting to OI Share. Strange, this never happen when I am using Sony Play Memory or Samsung Smart Camera app. I hope Olympus software engineer could improve this.

* Illustration on how 3-AXIS IS work *

Of course, if you watch the video, I do mentioned the next features I like in E-PL 7 is the 3-axis image stabilization. I admit, I been pampered alot by Olympus! Especially the 5-Axis IS in my OM-D E-M1! So I am abit skeptical with the 3-Axis in E-PL 7. But I guess it make sense that E-PL 7 has smaller and lighter body, hence 3-axis IS is more than enough. I don't find much major different between 5-axis and 3-axis beside 5-Axis do have slight advantage when handheld for video. Conclusion, despite only 3-Axis, Olympus E-PL 7 delivered what it should. Of course, it would look abit too imba if you're handling the camera with Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens. I have tried it last week at OhhSome festival and it was tiring.

* One of the photo I have yet post in everywhere but here. One of the model shooting session and I am using Olympus E-PL 7 plus 12-40mm f2.8 to shoot *

If you're looking for image quality in E-PL 7, I hope my blogs post here convince you enough that micro four third had reach a very matured age where image quality is no longer a question. I trust in Olympus system and I know all their latest offer can performed up to my expectation. Overall, E-PL 7 is a fun camera to use and it has been my favourite walk around and also selfie camera. If I need something with bigger grip and solid build, I can always carry my OM-D E-M1.


If you have any question regarding Olympus E-PL 7, feel free to ask me! Meanwhile, do check out my previous post regarding the E-PL 7 features!

Olympus E-PL 7 is now available in retail price of RM 2,399 and come with 3 colors - White, Black and Silver.

On side note, My Olympus OM-D E-M1 is back from service center!!