Monday, January 12, 2015

A day out for Strobist

Things I fear to shoot most, model. Second, indoor. And tadaaa... I has these combos to shoot on last month. Nah just kidding. I know I suck in shooting model because I forever will never know how to pose them up. Secondly, I suck at composing interior especially it is not designed the way I want in my mind. Nevertheless, Tokyo Pastry are generous enough to allowed us use their place to shoot. As much as I suck at shooting model, for me, I made up my mind that the main purpose of this shooting session was to practice strobist. It has been decade since I shoot with more than a flash setup.


Eunice was our main model of the day together with Tian Chad, Robin, Calvin, Carmen & Anna as photographers. I wanted to play with three point lighting but due to limited space, ended up the whole session we only use two flash instead. I always like to add one light at the back as highlight for the hair and another main light coming from left or right direction. Just a simple set up, the rest are just trial and and error for the camera setting and also the flash.



My camera setup are none other than Olympus E-PL7 and also Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 PRO lens. Why that lens? Because I think it is versatile enough for indoor shooting. For outdoor probably I'll stick with prime lens. Of course, our next mission are strobist on outdoor! So stay tune for that to happen :P



Here are my photos from that day. Honestly, I did not satisfy with it. The lighting still look flat and uninteresting. It proved that how much more things I need to learn and also I still can be improve, hopefully :P











Group photos of the day.



TianChad Chen said...

I like the photos they posed together =) Let's improve in our next photography hang-out ya

xtj7 said...

I do like the pictures and the model. However, I agree that the strobes were not used to their full potential, but using strobes is so much trial and error :)

Just to give you some ideas:
I personally would have used larger softboxes or umbrellas. The light is often still too harsh. I would have also tried to position the lights to avoid shadows on the wall (other than right behind them). In some cases I would also have considered to shoot one flash from a much higher position as the key light and use a frontal flash at a lower output to fill in some of the shadows. That way the lighting looks less flat despite being much more soft and flattering.

Also I would have used at least a flash at low output to fill the background a little, even though a hair light is not possible.

Lastly I would have tried to get the strobes in much closer to the models or get the models away a little more from the background, thus having a faster fall-off of the light, which then separates the model a little more from the background.

I do believe that some of the pictures turned out really good though, in which case I wouldn't have done much different at all.

Most importantly: Keep shooting, keep playing around, flashes are a great way to enhance photography, albeit a difficult one! :)