Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Well, it is really happening! Blink! and we were welcoming the new year 2015. It has been 1.5 months since she gone as well. The real challenge probably begin when school start. Nevertheless, I just updated new blog template as well. Yes it is incomplete and alot more things I need to tidy up. But I just simply can't wait to use it! :D So welcome the Galauness theme into my journey. I am looking something more simple and clean layout now.

Everytime when new year are approaching, a countdown party in Samuel house is a must on eve! Awesome catch up with some friends. Abit paiseh too couldn't recognize Simone. Sorry!



Today (1/1), I went to Yong house warming as well. Managed to catch up with Kavia and also Tang before the others came and I take my leave. Glad to see everyone doing well.




Finally, dinner with family at Tao. Initially I wanted to treat my dad and sis only, ended up called my uncle and aunt to join as well. First time eating Tao in large number of people. Sinful foods.




I haven't been really sit down and think my 2015 resolution. But there are some rough idea on what I wanna accomplish on coming certain months in order to make people around me happy. I'll think every night before I fall asleep on what I gonna do on year 2015. Meanwhile, I'll do my best to shoot more, blog more and share more with you guys my moment shooter :)

Thanks for being with me all this while. It meant alot to me.