Monday, March 16, 2015

Budget Selfie camera, Casio EXILIM EX-MR1

Warning : This post contained a tones of my selfie photos. If you value your life, please proceed to click X mark. Just leave the traffic vuew, not comment ok? :P

Since few years back, Casio has become popular among everyone who love selfie thanks to the TR series camera. I gotta admit the camera design is pretty, unique and also attractive. Well not with the price point though. Later on, Casio released ZR series where the look of the camera look ordinary and nothing special. Last year, Casio decided to released another budget selfie camera under MR series. I felt the camera is another breakthrough in terms of design because it actually has a mirror on it!


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A Week Worth of Break

Wow February just decided to move away so fast. So hello March! Not sure to say I am busy or free on February but basically I have 2 weeks off from work in conjunction of Chinese New year! Yes that's alot but I don't have much ME time anyway. This also mark the first year of CNY without mum around.. So yea I can't celebrate CNY but ang pao still can take. Anyone wanna gimme? :D

So what have I been doing during this Feb for CNY celebration? As usual we went back to Grandma house for few days at Seremban. Managed to capture some manja cat photos in her house.