Monday, March 16, 2015

Budget Selfie camera, Casio EXILIM EX-MR1

Warning : This post contained a tones of my selfie photos. If you value your life, please proceed to click X mark. Just leave the traffic vuew, not comment ok? :P

Since few years back, Casio has become popular among everyone who love selfie thanks to the TR series camera. I gotta admit the camera design is pretty, unique and also attractive. Well not with the price point though. Later on, Casio released ZR series where the look of the camera look ordinary and nothing special. Last year, Casio decided to released another budget selfie camera under MR series. I felt the camera is another breakthrough in terms of design because it actually has a mirror on it!


The camera lens is hiding behind the mirror, located at center to be precise. The overall design of the camera are simple, straight forward usage and yea, is a no brainer camera. Neverthless thanks to Jiayeen for swapping the camera with me for few weeks. So don't worry, I am not gay enough to owned a pink camera despite I actually don't mind having pink. Purple also can! :P Oh just in case u don't know, the camera is running on Micro SD card. The camera also come with LED flash on top of it.



Here are the key specification of the Casio EXILIM EX-MR1


  • 14 megapixels
  • 1/2.3-inch square pixel CMOS Sensor
  • 21mm f5 with 4.0x digital zoom ( in conbination with SR zoom ), 8.4x maximum digital zoom (in conbination with HD zoom, 3M size)
  • 2.7-inch TFT color LCD, 460,800 dots
  • 104.2(W) × 60.8(H) × 21.1(D) mm
  • 133 g

Nothing fancy from the specification. It is fixed 21mm f5.. oh well yea f5.. lens with 4x digital zoom. No OIS nor digital stabilization. Casio signature make up function was included but only limited to two which are Skin Tone: Light 1 to 6 and 0 and Smooth Skin: 0 to 12. I believe TR series has better make up function, better image processing and yea faster lens coz basically this camera pretty sucks without good lighting. Even on some point I felt giving up using it and decided to keep it aside and use my phone.



When I first pick up the camera, immediately I brought it to dinner. The place like normal cafe, abit dim but not too bad. Using premium auto mode, the camera decided to go to ISO 1600 under 1/20s speed.... trying to selfie with it alot times at the shop and it doesnt make myself look good at all.. Am I a bad model? Hence, I shoot the foods instead.

* hi is me! *

I have try my best to do whatever I can to stabilize my hand, to shoot without LED flash and is the result good? I dunno u tell me. It is crap for me. Thankfully the food doesnt taste crap. Seriously, I have hard time getting the pic sharp even I turn off the make up features, I shoot with other mode and etc etc etc.




Move on, I went to board game session after the dinner at Mc Donald. It has better lighting there and I felt liao this is a chance to test the camera! I tried to selfie again.


The camera do hate me I guess. Handshake even on 1/20s. So I have came into conclusion either I really have parkinson, Olympus 5 axis IS has spoiled me or both. Actually I am blaming the coffee I had earlier LOL... I gave up shooting myself as I hardly get any sharp picture out of it and alot handshake occurred unless I put it on table. Proceed with board game session!!

* Awesome Ghost Stories *
* The haunter *
* Buddha *

This is where I finally see some sharpness in the images but on wrong focusing point FML Not to mention to camera screen doesn't do justice at all! The color from the camera is damn inaccurate when compare with what I see from my pc monitor now. But then again...budget camera, do I get to complain?

Reached home on the night itself I am feeling curious again. Wonder how the camera perform when I selfie in my own room, under tungsten light only. Unfortunately ISO minimum 1000 still needed thanks to the aperture, f5. Seriously why f5 la!? ok at this point I think the magic make up do work. My face look smooth though. Can remove eye bag ah?



I gave a LED flash light a try. Not bad for close up. Not for far use though since the light is basically weak and unable to travel far.



* Say hi to my Strike! *

Next day woke up early morning, I immediately went to find spot for natural light! Time to see how this camera shine under daylight.





* Color is vivid enough on bright sun light *

It seriously look much much much better than low light la.. But I believe this is what most other cameras are capable of. If daylight also shit maybe this camera really deserve into rubbish bin.

Since I am pretty a bad model, I decided to use it to shoot my Gundam. Here are the ISO comparison from 100-3200.

* ISO 100 *
* ISO 200 *
* ISO 400 *
* ISO 800 *
* ISO 1600 *
* ISO 3200 *

The shutter speed wont go lower than 1/10s. Sorry folk, no long exposure for u in this camera. The color shift noticeable start at ISO 800 and become worst on ISO 3200 bla bla bla, I am not surprise.

* Metalic Sazabi FTW *
* The closest focusing I cant get from this cam *

Verdict? This camera seriously usable on daylight and selfie only. LED light seem is a must to turn on if you wanna selfie on lowlight. But I do love the design, overall size and shape of the camera itself. Interface are pretty straight forward and easy to use. I have yet chance to try video recording but I doubt it is something gonna be WOW... so life move on. Last but not least, the mirror on the camera really did a great job as a mirror. But do aware that the viewing angle you seeing on the mirror doesn't reflect on the actual lens.

* The shooter and the model of the day *

What do u think about MR1? will you get it for selfie purposes, or you think your current smartphone is good enough? Share with me.

Oh btw if you're reading this means you survive looking at my selfie. Congrate!! No prize k?


Henry Lee said...

WAHAHAHA... super awesome la for a guy to review this selfie cam! :D

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@Henry hahaha super fail la my selfie.. i dunno how Jiayeen can make it so nice :P girl really know where d best for them