Monday, April 20, 2015

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert @ One Utama

It has been ages since I attended food review and wrote one actually. But I do believe my taste sense hasn't go dull. I still enjoy good foods around!


When it come to dessert, it was everywhere in KL and PJ! However, there is one and only one Sheng Kee Dessert in Malaysia at the moment. It is located in One Utama, nearby cold storage if you asked. Originally founded in Singapore, the Sheng Kee not only offer dessert in their menu, but dim sum, noodle and rice as well. Seriously I didn't know it at all despite I went One Utama so often that I pass by this shop multiple time, giving me impression it is only a dessert shop. I got conned.

* Crispy Samon Skin with Pork Floss - RM 5.90 *

As much as it come with pork floss, I seriously couldn't taste it at all. The salmon taste is much stronger. The feeling and sensation when chewing the salmon is like I am eating Keropok Udang.. Well maybe this is keropok ikan salmon LOL.. nothing much to shout.

* Duo of HK Siew Mai & Carrot Cake - RM 5.90 *

One shall not say NO to siu mai and carrot cake when dining in HK style dim sum. The siu mai definitely worth the trip as it is juicy and bouncy when chewing thanks to prawn. Meanwhile, the carrot cake wasn't crispy as usual. It is crispy outside but soft inside. It is sort of some hate and love relationship on it but I can live with it.

* SK Signature combination Noodle - RM 16.90 *

I am not particular a wan tan mee person but the signature noodle here offer something better than ordinary noodle outside. The noodle is elastic and bouncy when chew. You can tell the different the moment you make your first bite. While it look plain from my photo, it actually came with chilly for you to mix accordingly. The char siew is the best in my opinion :P

* Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy Rice - RM 13.90 *

My favourite food of the day will be this! I am a rice person! I am a pork person! So this combi is heaven for me. Plus they nailed it on this dish as it taste very much like a homey dish instead of some foods you get it from cafe. The braised pork is perfectly melt in your mouth! It will be unfortunate if this is actual serving portion giving the price tag. I am not sure.

* Snowy Char Siew Bun - RM 6.90 *

Something about HK char siew bun is the way they treat the skin. It is a little bit like polo bun. Not crispy but is just nice texture on the bun and inside was filled with all pork meat! Highly recommend to order when you're dining there!

* SK Mango Pomelo Sago - RM 8.90 *

Beside pork, I am a mango person too! So everything about mango is a yay for me! However the Mango Pamelo Sago wasn't as cold as I expected during the serving. Probably it just me love my dessert to be chill.

* Yuan Yang Paste - RM 6.90 *

A combination between black sesame and almond. It is thick, creamy, not too sweet but lack of aroma that it suppose to be. Abit disappointment.

So you have read this until the end! So I shall rewards you all with something! Yes you can get free SK Mango Pomelo Sago from Sheng Kee by following the order!

1) Visit Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert at One Utama.

2) Order your favorite mains (try the signatures, or anything else!)

3) Show that you have LIKED the Sheng Kee KL FB Page.

4) Tell the staff "Sweetness with Sheng Kee KL" for a FREE SK Mango Pomelo Sago upon settling the bill.

As easy as that! :D