Thursday, April 23, 2015

MG Astray Blue Frame D


If I would confess the heaviest sin I ever had, it will be not watching porn nor spending on camera gear. It is spending on Gunpla. I used to collect alot SD Gundam when I was young before mum decided to threw it all when shifting house. Since then, I couldn't afford a single Gunpla at all because I am just a fucking poor student. I guess there are where all the revenge came. I started collect back last 2 years- started off straight with MG Gundam. I am pretty sure some of you who followed my Instagram seen some of my Gunpla building recently. Been thinking alot and I feel like sharing my Gunpla building in my blog as well.

* I call this Wall of Backlogs.... *

Hence, the first MG gundam I gonna tribute to this blogpost is none other than Astray Blue Frame D. I had both Astray Red Frame Kai and Sengoku Astray. I guess is time for me to owned a blue frame as well. Wait!? You saw Astray Noir in my Wall of Backlogs? Well let's save that for next time. Sigh too much backlog.... Yes I do build bootleg too. Don't judge.

For started, let's talk about the runners that came in box.




As the name suggested, majority of the runners are blue in color with white come second and lastly black. There is a stand included in this kits unfortunately the dragoon formation stand need to purchase separately. Lel damn Bandai forever milking money from fans.

Ok I gonna stop here! Fear not this post will update time to time as I build the Blue Frame. So be sure to check it out! I guess it gonna take a month to complete the build including decal. Sigh I am a slow builder....