Monday, May 25, 2015

Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 @ Petaling Street

If I only limit myself bringing 2 lenses to travel or everywhere I want, an Ultra Wide Angle lens is on the list for sure. Another one probably 45mm f1.8 will be cool. Yes I used to have an Ultra Wide Anle lens, Panasonic 7-14mm f4. But I sold it not long after my Hong Kong trip due to unable to meet my expectation. Don't get me wrong, the lens is excellent and I love it so much! It just failed me on low light with the 90% rate on unable to focus. Well, those day when I still using Olympus E-P3.

* Olympus 8mm F1.8 and Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 *

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For My Mother

Just something I wish not to forget or disappear forever.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Legend BB Strike Ryubi Gundam

While I am working on my MG Astray Blue Frame D, I am running on SD Gundam as well. For those who dunno, I actually started off Gunpla with SD Gundam, those from BB Senshi Sangokuden. In addition, I actually love Strike so much recently. So, what's make perfect Gunpla for me? Yes SD Gundam, Strike Gundam, BB Senshi Sangokuden character, combine all this made into Strike Ryubi! Yayy!!

Monday, May 04, 2015

A day out with Xiaomi Yi Camera

So, I got something new for myself. Something completely new and strange to me. Yes, an action camera! Not GoPro, but Xiaomi Yi Camera. It cost only 399 CNY (around $64) which about 1/3 of GoPro price. So why not?

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Painting Model Kits


While I am working on MG Blue Frame Astray D, there is another model kits I am working ono with priority equal to the Blue Frame. It is an SD kits, Unicorn Phenex. I believe whoever own the kits, or most of Bandai Gundam kits will know that most of the time, they screw up the gold color the most. Hence, I decided to paint my Phenex into a proper gold. Here begin my journey first time using air brush and paint my model kits.