Sunday, May 10, 2015

Legend BB Strike Ryubi Gundam

While I am working on my MG Astray Blue Frame D, I am running on SD Gundam as well. For those who dunno, I actually started off Gunpla with SD Gundam, those from BB Senshi Sangokuden. In addition, I actually love Strike so much recently. So, what's make perfect Gunpla for me? Yes SD Gundam, Strike Gundam, BB Senshi Sangokuden character, combine all this made into Strike Ryubi! Yayy!!

As usual recently I feel abit bitchy on Gold color on Bandai model. Hence, repainting is a must for me. I like the gold I did on my SD Phenex. Some comparison before and after the painting.


The Strike Ryubi came in all gimmick or features that a normal strike Gundam has. Aile Strike, Launcher Strike, Sword Strike and perfect Strike all available in Strike Ryubi!! What's more, the weapon pack itself can combine and stand individually as mystical beast appearance. I got limited Japan language knowledge, hence I do not know what they all call. Let's just call them Flame Phoenix and Awesome-long-ass-made-by-weapon-Dragon. Oh I forgot another mini Dragon can be form from it's shoulder pad and also back rack.

* Mini dragon *
* Flame Phoenix that gonna be Aile Strike pack *
* Combination of Launcher & Sword pack *

Here are all the Strike Ryubi form you can get by combining it into different weapon pack.

* Normal Ryubi *
* Ryubi with Mini Dragon combined *
* Aile Strike Ryubi with fire sword *
* Sword Strike Ryubi *
* Launcher Stike Ryubi *
* all in - Perfect Strike Ryubi *

Overall, awesome Gunpla from Bandai! The gimmick are fantastic and I wouldn't mind to have more Legend BB series that has such features. Please release Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Lu Bu also into Legend BB series! :D Ok now back to my MG Astray Blue Frame D while start a new SD series as side project. Probably I'll go for Knight Unicorn. Maybe.