Saturday, May 02, 2015

Painting Model Kits


While I am working on MG Blue Frame Astray D, there is another model kits I am working ono with priority equal to the Blue Frame. It is an SD kits, Unicorn Phenex. I believe whoever own the kits, or most of Bandai Gundam kits will know that most of the time, they screw up the gold color the most. Hence, I decided to paint my Phenex into a proper gold. Here begin my journey first time using air brush and paint my model kits.

* Expectation *
* Reality... *

Of course, I already pre-built my kits before paint it. It is optional anyway. If you're good, you can straight paint your kits once u take out from runner before assemble it. This can avoid yourself to disamble it again with potential some joint will break. Wel, mine break 3 parts already at least. Hopefully Mr Cement can fix it.



But yea, nothing seem hand in using the air brush. Just get used to the feel and you're good to go. Just never stay too long shooting a spot as it'll turn thick and uneven. For the first layer of paint, always put a primer as a base and later on put in any color you desired.



Honestly, I havent finish this project LOL there are too much thing to do but too little time to do it. Hopefully this few days holiday I can complete both this Phenex and also my Astray Blue Frame D. Thanks to Myotaku for supplying me the painting materials and also tutorial. For those who interested, feel free to PM the owner, Ken Shin :)