Saturday, July 25, 2015

HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 custom build

If you asked what have I been busy with recently, the answer is this! Gundam Tryon 3! I been teasing few images in my Instagram and after almost 4 weeks of effort, finally I done. My very first custom build Gundam. The things the drive me to custom this kits because I think Tryon is unique Gundam. It is a Gundam I felt able to push the limit more since it is combination of 3 machine into 1 and it is expandable. For example my custom I allow Tryon to become something else by combining 5 machine instead, but keeping the base. Of course, I using limited kits I has to custom it, I did not build enough HG to know what else part I can use. Maybe in future when MG Tryon 3 is release :P

* Not the final coloring...Just a prototype :P *

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Singapore - of Gundam Dock, Gardens by the bay and Sands SkyPark

Looking at my blog. Wow I actually don't have a single post for June. Guess life completely taken over me and I actually prefer sharing my stuff over other social media platform now. I just felt like blogging is no longer like last time where you can actually crap about your daily life in a single post. Nop. Nevertheless, I went to Singapore last weekend! YES! Finally I can travel too! Eventhough it is nearby, it doesn't matter for me! Just a change of environment, breath new air and I felt completely brand new.