Saturday, July 25, 2015

HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 custom build

If you asked what have I been busy with recently, the answer is this! Gundam Tryon 3! I been teasing few images in my Instagram and after almost 4 weeks of effort, finally I done. My very first custom build Gundam. The things the drive me to custom this kits because I think Tryon is unique Gundam. It is a Gundam I felt able to push the limit more since it is combination of 3 machine into 1 and it is expandable. For example my custom I allow Tryon to become something else by combining 5 machine instead, but keeping the base. Of course, I using limited kits I has to custom it, I did not build enough HG to know what else part I can use. Maybe in future when MG Tryon 3 is release :P

* Not the final coloring...Just a prototype :P *

Nevertheless, here is my final work (I havent top coat it....) of the Tryon. Let's start with the individual machine before the combination.

* Riku Tryon *
* Sora Tryon *
* Sora Tryon Armed On *
* Umi Tryon *
* Umi Tryon Armed On *
* CoreZ Tryon *
* Booster Tryon *

Just a basic recoloring on Riku, Sora and Umi Tryon (inspired by Dryon Drei and color by Banshee). Added additional weapon that swapable between Sora and Umi Tryon and I called the weapon as Arm On. It is basically a gun and shield (from star build strike) for the main machine later. In addition the Booster is directly from Universe Booster without any modification and only recoloring too. Last but not least the CoreZ is just some random kits bash from the leftover part in Tryon 3, Star Build Strike and Dark Matter Booster which I think it look like some kind of bird now. Maybe just me.

Here are all the transformation available for Tryon with Sora and Umi Tryon become the main core for the machine!

Sora Tryon + Umi Tryon = Tryon 2. Is a very basic machine with basic weapon, gun and shield.


Tryon 2 + CoreZ Tryon = Tryon CoreZ. The small Corez attached on the body and the back of the machine become his main gun, Vulcan Cannon. In addition, a pair of beam saber can be taken out from the Vulcan Cannon itself.




Tryon 2 + Booster Tryon = Tryon Star Booster. Just like Build Strike combine with its Universe Booster, Tryon Star Booster gain a backpack and also two beam cannon on top (like Freedom Gundam).



Tryon 2 + Riku Tryon = Tryon 3. Yes the original Tryon 3. No explanation needed. Ask because Riku Tryon is in the combination, Tryon 3 can use Hyper Minovsky Chohoken. The V Fin changed too.




Last but not least, the final form (maybe) for my Tryon custom, a combination of five machine and become Tryon Max. It gain wings at the back (inspired by Wing Gundam), Universe Booster head on arm (act as beam saber holder too), Hyper Minovsky Chohoken combine with the Shield and CoreZ attacked on the backpack.



Ok I suck at posing Gundam. So sorry for all the ugly looking and none dynamic pose. Should work hard for that. That conclude my custom build for tryon 3 and I shall resume my MG build soon! Till then, cioazzzz!