Thursday, July 02, 2015

Singapore - of Gundam Dock, Gardens by the bay and Sands SkyPark

Looking at my blog. Wow I actually don't have a single post for June. Guess life completely taken over me and I actually prefer sharing my stuff over other social media platform now. I just felt like blogging is no longer like last time where you can actually crap about your daily life in a single post. Nop. Nevertheless, I went to Singapore last weekend! YES! Finally I can travel too! Eventhough it is nearby, it doesn't matter for me! Just a change of environment, breath new air and I felt completely brand new.


Went to the Singapore mainly for Gundam Dock with the bunch - Alex, Nelson & Jacky. Managed to loaned Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II for my vlog purposes and also my all time need, an ultra wide angle lens aka Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 PRO lens. Fantastic combo that I wouldn't mind carry it around Singapore to shoot and record video despite it is abit heavy. Note that it is all full metal! Both body and lens! Here is the video I did during the trip. View it in 1080p 60fps ya!

So day 1, we actually facing some problem with our bus. The bastard driver actually decided to leave us at customs after he felt that we are taking too long time to clear out. I guess it just pure bad luck. Most of the line we queue in the customs, there are people got detained and thus we been ordered to change line. Once we clear out everything around 10-15 min later, our bus were no where seen. Called the bus company and waited for 30 min, no reply from the party. Being no choice, we decided to take the public bus to the nearest MRT and to our hostel. So yea, fuck you JNJ 5885, City Express. Honestly I prefer Sri Maju anytime.

* Alex, Jacky, Nelson & Jackie *

Reached Mercury backpacker hostel, checked in and take a quick break before we head to Gundam Dock.

* SG50 anniversary EzLink *

The expo in Gundam Dock is much larger than usual we have in KL with varieties of stock. Honestly when I look at the dollar to dollar, it is actually damn cheap! $35-50 for a MG is damn good price! Or else it is around $70-90 for some kits. Being Malaysian, yea it is not worth to get anything here unless it is some rare kits. The limited edition HG RX78 SGD50 ver as usual nowhere seen after sold our on the first few days of Gundam Dock opening. Fuck you ultra kiasu ppl who decided to be scalper! Seen people now selling the kits for RM300 or $100-150 with an excused "EXTRA UNIT!".












Nothing much memorable in Gundam Dock with expensive price tag due to our exchange rate. Sigh if only we can shop the kits with ease. We went to dinner nearby with Josh after that before head to Bugis street for quick walk. Was hoping to have some shooting there but I am just too tired to do anything once after dinner.

On day 2, we searched for some local cafe for breakfast and we came across to the 7 kick start cafe when we on the way to Mint : Toy Museum. Tried their Ice-Drip coffee and I gotta said it is something unique. It is relatively cheap too for a coffee that cost averagely $4-7. Chomp down my pancake and we moved on to searched for the toy museum.



I been here once long long time ago when I came to Singapore for the first time. The toys doesn't seem change much.




Next, we went to Chinatown and have a quick walk around, hoping to get some nice foods around to eat. But we gave up and just went back to the food court nearby our hostel for lunch before taking a break.





On evening we went to Gardens by the bay! It was my first time exploring this area and I been eagerly waiting to make night shoot at this area. It is beautiful and I love it so much! Not to mentioned it is free of charge! Unless you wanna climb the bridge that gonna cost $5 for 15 min walking. Why not? The have daily Garden Rhapsody show too that played on 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM. It is worth staying and enjoy the beautiful light with musical show though most of the song played are Disney song. Check out my video for partial of the performance k?






Once the performance over, we walked to Marina Bay Sands hotel, to the SkyPark! Originally I thought it was a good idea to went to the SkyPark for sunset shot but change my mind after convincing myself that city light shot are much better. The entrance fees to the SkyPark is $23. Abit overpriced IMHO but well, once a life. Abit disappointed the area actually surrounded with big glasses and I can't set up any tripod to shoot. I understand. Safety first. It is 56th floor anyway where people can easily jump off if they wanna die. Hence all shots are taken with handheld, with the lens rested on the glass. Not too bad huh :P





Last destination of the day was Merlion Square. Unfortunately Merlion statue is under construction. Feeling tired and leg quite sore after walked for whole day, we just sat down right in front the river and chilling. Good thing it was quite windy after whole day under hot sun.




Day 3 was our last half day in Singapore. We just gonna chill around cafe, tried their coffee and breakfast before our bus arrival on noon. One of the interesting cafe nearby our hostel is Chye Seng Huat Hardware. Yup hardware shop that also a cafe. The name is ah beng enough to be known as cafe lel. Nevertheless I managed to tried their Huat Breakfast. Pretty nice portion and all the thick meat! It came with Ham Steak, Chicken sausages, grilled tomatoes & potato salad and lastly scramble egg (my choice of egg) on toasted brioche. All of this for only $18.


I also took the Hand Brews coffee - Balanced ($6). What is that coffee you asked me? It is Suke Quto, coffee from Ethiopia, Africa. It taste sour at first and sweet after taste. Unique I'll say but as usual, I dunno appreciate coffee hahaha


Awesome journey to Singapore! I managed to spend all my $200 there just in 3 days time.. sigh if only our currency exchange not that shitty. I miss the time it used to be 2.5 rate. Hope you guys enjoy my travel and as usual, more photos in my Facebook Page.



LauraLeia said...

Aaaaargh that SG50 Gundam!! T__T
But so awesome la, you got to go there and see all them awesome figures. :D The Marina Bay Sands is so freaking photogenic wtf
Btw, next time if u go SG and want to take photo of the Art Science Museum and the Sands, head to the Esplanade (Durian) and walk up to the roof. Super nice view, can setup tripod and free admission (srsly just take the escalator+stairs) summore. XD

Dewi Aja said...

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