Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sunny Garden Restaurant @ PV128, Setapal

I know I have not been writing about foods in my blog for long. Heck, I don't even update my blog as much as I used to be. Life is busy. So do check out me on other social media k? :P


Nevertheless, this flashy signage has been grabbing my attention since last week. What's make ir worst was it was so flashy that I couldn't even read the shop name until today, when I decided to give it a try. So yea, Sunny Garden that located in PV128. I heard they have awesome Gyoza and seafood.


On quick look, the shop is selling authentic foods from china. It doesn't have any pork as well and the shop is Halal despite doesn't have any sign of Jakim cert. Surprisingly the manager is a Muslim from Beijing who speak mandarin with us.


* Blurry photo take 1 *
* Blurry photo take 2 - Free drink! *

So I ordered Mutton Kuan Xin Noodles and deary took the Spicy Minced Meat Vermicelli (Rice Noodles). I try to have a quick google of what is Kuan Xin noodle (宽心面) but it doesn't shown any result unless... I know Chinese LOL.. But yea with limited knowledge on chinese, I found that Kuan Xin noodle is made from bean and is popular mostly in Northen China area - Shānxī lǚliáng (山西吕梁) and Shǎn běi (陕北). Of course if you guys know more about this noodle, feel free to comment below :D

* Spicy Minced Meat Vermicelli RM10 *

The spiciness from this noodle was from pepper and it is slightly similar to bone soup. Oh did I mentioned it is beef? The meat is so soft that as if it melt on your mouth once it entered. It is awesome! The portion is too big for my deary too.

* Mutton Kuan Xin Noodle RM10 *

As for myself, the mutton has great texture and chewy too. The Kuan Xi Noodle (if the noodle is what I think it is) looks like a super thicker version than Pan Mee. It also looks like 刀削面 (knives sliced noodle), so I am not really sure which is it :P Nevertheless, it is awesome!

* Mutton & Spring Onion, Beef & Celery and Squash & Egg Gyoza under one plate *

Too used to eating pork Gyoza and this time around this Gyoza is special for me since it has both beef and mutton. Not to mentioned the Gyoza is slightly juicy inside. Worth giving it a try since Rm15 for 16 pieces is not expensive. Unfortunately, this is the only portion they offered. Oh did I mentioned that you actually can mixed the Gyoza in your plate as long as it cost the same price?

More or less, I'll consider this shop as hidden gem. It just opened not long in here and I felt it has potential. The price is affordable, drinks are free and foods are authentic. Beside noodles, they have rice too or you can try order dishes too.

Last but not least, sorry for the potato camera :P

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Milky Way at Cameron Highland


A little bit late post due to some reason. Nevertheless, it is my first experience shooting Milky Way. Thanks for the PJ Photography Club organizing this and the invite from Robin. I always wonder how we able to see the stars with naked eye. Well I know must away from city light pollution but where? So yea Cameron Highland is one of the spot given the right time and date to spot on the Milky Way. If you guys curious how to shoot Milky Way, here I did a video on it.

of Allianz Foodie Hunt, Team Beanbag and my Birthday

Team Beanbag assemble! Ok this time around Brian wasn't around with us but Carolyn is on board! We are going to join Allianz treasure hunt again this year where the main theme is about foods! Talk about foods, Malaysian must be one of the best place to have awesome foods around. As for us, Team Beanbag, nothing beat our beloved coffee and waffles from Standing Theory, SS2.