Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Milky Way at Cameron Highland


A little bit late post due to some reason. Nevertheless, it is my first experience shooting Milky Way. Thanks for the PJ Photography Club organizing this and the invite from Robin. I always wonder how we able to see the stars with naked eye. Well I know must away from city light pollution but where? So yea Cameron Highland is one of the spot given the right time and date to spot on the Milky Way. If you guys curious how to shoot Milky Way, here I did a video on it.

As video mentioned, the gears I used are Olympus EM5 Mark II with 7-14mm f2.8 PRO lens. Thanks to the live view boost II from the EM5 II, I still able to see the star on the LCD despite it is dark. Composition a Milky Way is very challenging as I dunno what's look good and the result is not instant. Have to waste minutes to minutes just to get one or two perfect shot. Ok la for me la since I noob. Then I came into realization it is useless no matter how I compose. I am missing an important foreground for the Milky Way. LEL


Nevertheless, still a good experience. Milky Way season is ending soon and I guess the next one gonna be next year. Hope I able to come more well equipped next round! Before the post end, here some vlog style video of our Cameron Highland journey ft YSquareC, Robin Wong, TianChad, Carmen Hong and Alexander Rudra.


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