Monday, November 30, 2015

Jackieloi x Taiwan x XiMenDing

Oh gosh it is end of November! I have not been blogging any single post for this month. Apology! Life and work got me badly! Thankfully the routine was broken last week where finally the long awaiting company trip is here! This marked my first trip ever with my colleagues and our destination was Taiwan for 8 days 7 nights. Yup awesome! I got the opportunity to loan Olympus EM5 mark II, 8mm f1.8 and also 25mm F1.8 from Olympus on top of my own Olympus EM1. Yea I brought twi cameras for my trip. Why not? They are small and light. Gear up with 25mm, I took the chance to make a quick street shoot before resume the trip with my colleagues at XiMenDing.




Man, Taiwan sure had alot night market. I might get sick walking on it every night but photo opportunity are everywhere! If I would come alone or with shutter therapist gang, I bet we will be clicking the shutters none stop.




I admit wasn't hardworking enough to click more shutters on the street when I had the chance. I was really exhausted from daily tour and foods in night market so tempting that I just choose to give up clicking the shutter XD





Nevertheless, it was a fun trips and I'll be blogging it properly in separate post in my next post. Hope it won't take long.