Sunday, September 25, 2016

Alena Murang EP Launch

I don't even know how to start this blog post hahaha.. So yea being missing in blog for so long and also clicking shutter on my camera, I took the opportunity to join Robin for Alena Murang EP launch yesterday at Timbre. I gonna be honest I don't know her at all. I just wanna tagged along for photography. But of course, in the same time I can enjoy live performance so why not kill two bird with a stone right?


So here I present, Alena Murang! A very talented Sarawakian who can play Sape, which is a lute instrument from Borneo traditionally only played by men. She can do art too beside music!




The crowds that came to support her EP launched were insane too. She was really blessed and had a good start for her career. I do believe our local band need more exposure and support from us or else, who gonna be supporting them? Oh did I forgot to mentioned she had great smile on her whole performance? Aww that's truly a plus point for her :D




Thumb up for the good performance on the evening. It has been time since I am on such scene and it really sparked me that I should join more and shoot more. Afterall this is one of the things I enjoy doing. Cross finger, hope I able to commit it.



Surpriseeeee!! After almost 10 month..for the first time i relogin to my blogger. The sign is too strong that I am giving up blogging. Look. The post is getting lesser and lesser as times move. Everything are in motion. Time, life so does my age. My 10-7 daily job is not idealistic for blogger yet, I am not complaining. This is adulthood that everyone have to face. Making decision, choosing what to move on together and start losing something used to important for them.

So why am I writting this post when I said I gave up blogging? Let's say it is just some hangat hangat tahi ayam I wanna do once in a while. I feel like writing sometimes. I got Dayre. But I started to get lazy writting that on mobile phone as time passed because once i chuck in myself to bed I am just on reading mode when open Dayre. Well maybe once in a while I wrote. Facebook? No longer something I'll write since whatever I wrote there will be judged. Yes I can't pls everyone in this world yet I don't want to cause any unnecessarily debate. Instagram? Instagram story? Yeap still alive. Do follow me ok?

Yeap so this is current me now. Don't worry I don't hate my life. I am blessed in this journey for meeting so many peoples, doing what I can do, enjoying my life to fullest (maybe) and slowly making my own dream come true. I am a slow started but once a momentum push in I knew I'll take whatever I can to achieve it. LOL

So yea that's all for this crappy post. I don't even know what's the purpose and contents of this post. Just feel like writing out of sudden LOL

Oh wait I got some post coming up next. YAY!! No. My blog not reviving. Just rare occurrence.