Sunday, September 25, 2016


Surpriseeeee!! After almost 10 month..for the first time i relogin to my blogger. The sign is too strong that I am giving up blogging. Look. The post is getting lesser and lesser as times move. Everything are in motion. Time, life so does my age. My 10-7 daily job is not idealistic for blogger yet, I am not complaining. This is adulthood that everyone have to face. Making decision, choosing what to move on together and start losing something used to important for them.

So why am I writting this post when I said I gave up blogging? Let's say it is just some hangat hangat tahi ayam I wanna do once in a while. I feel like writing sometimes. I got Dayre. But I started to get lazy writting that on mobile phone as time passed because once i chuck in myself to bed I am just on reading mode when open Dayre. Well maybe once in a while I wrote. Facebook? No longer something I'll write since whatever I wrote there will be judged. Yes I can't pls everyone in this world yet I don't want to cause any unnecessarily debate. Instagram? Instagram story? Yeap still alive. Do follow me ok?

Yeap so this is current me now. Don't worry I don't hate my life. I am blessed in this journey for meeting so many peoples, doing what I can do, enjoying my life to fullest (maybe) and slowly making my own dream come true. I am a slow started but once a momentum push in I knew I'll take whatever I can to achieve it. LOL

So yea that's all for this crappy post. I don't even know what's the purpose and contents of this post. Just feel like writing out of sudden LOL

Oh wait I got some post coming up next. YAY!! No. My blog not reviving. Just rare occurrence.